February 10 - 13, 2022
February 10 - 13, 2022

Cajun Fryer



6 gallon Cajun Fryer

Donated by R & V Works

This Double Basket Fryer by R&V Works is the perfect fryer for your backyard fish fry or to serve french fries, onion rings, appetizers to go along with your BBQ. Combining approximately 6 Gallons of oil with 90,000 BTU of heat potential, this very portable deep fryer has the power to keep up with the demand of your patio cookouts, tailgating parties and small fish fries of 35 to 40 people per hour. Also being a multi Basket Fryer, you are able to fry different foods at the same time.  Includes turkey basket and cover!

retail value $559

$5 Raffle